About Us

About Us

 The Monday Translations team is made up of translators, translation project managers and computer experts specialising in computer-aided translation tools and desktop publishing.
We are highly meticulous and particular about our work, taking great care over every process. It is our objective to offer our customers work of the highest quality. We would be delighted to take responsibility for your translation projects.

  The Route that the document takes from the moment you entrust it to us until we deliver the translation to you:

A project manager is assigned who will:

  • Be in permanent contact with the customer and be aware of their needs and particular requirements.
  • Receive the files and glossaries, if they exist (or create them).
  • Take note of the customer’s requirements and instructions.
  • Assign the translations to the best translators, according to the languages involved and the field of specialisation.
  • Manage and create translation memory.
  • Coordinate the team of translators and, if appropriate, desktop publishing experts, ensuring that they follow the instructions given throughout the process.
  • Establish delivery dates.

Use of computer-aided translation tools
These tools ensure that translations maintain maximum internal terminology consistency, and are particularly recommended for technical translation. They also enable translation costs and delivery times to be reduced. Those that we use on a regular basis are Trados, SDLX, SDL Trados and Transit.


Quality control
The project manager checks the quality of the work, making sure that all of the instructions have been followed in terms of terminological criteria, file format, etc. so as to deliver a first-rate piece of work to the customer.


Workflow diagram. The diagram shows the way in which a translation project is carried out at Monday Translations:


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